СКФ Черноморская Регата
Больших Парусников 2014

SCF Black Sea Tall
Ships Regatta 2014


Get on board!

We are glad to offer all the interested journalists a fantastic opportunity to experience the SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Races first hand, learn about the world’s largest sailing vessels, see and experience daily life of the sea wolves, hear all the sea stories, including mysterious legends, personal human stories of the sailors from different countries and to be the first to see not only as the race excitement unfold but the wonderful moments as the winners cross the finish line. The price for an exclusive accreditation depends on the number of journalists and duration of their stay on board.

For exclusive accreditation please send your requests and registration form to: media@tallships2014.ru

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Media center

From May 8 to May 25 in Sochi there will be a fully equipped media center established which will manage accreditation. The media center is looked after by a joint Sochi Marine Club and STI communications team and is the place to obtain more information about the ships, event, sail training in general and arrange to speak to the Race Chairman, captains, crews and trainees. Due to the large numbers of interested media it is highly recommended to apply for accreditation ahead of the event.


Please fill the registration form or send requests to the below mentioned PR managers of the Communications department.

Send the registration form:

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Photo and video materials

Our press-center offers journalists informational content along with photo and video materials in different formats. If you need any additional information please send your requests to: media@tallships2014.ru

Informational Sponsorship Opportunities

For any exclusive info which really grabs attention please get on board as our official informational partner.

We gladly welcome and are open to any of your suggestions for the conditions and format of our cooperation. We offer exclusive opportunity and information to our informational sponsors together with branding opportunities of the yachts / port area.

If you are interested in being our informational partner and receive informational exclusivity please let us know! Send your inquiries and suggestions to:
Anastasia Suschevich, asuschevich@gmail.com

Registration dates

Accreditation is open from September 1, 2013 to April 1, 2014.

For more information please refer your requests to:

Communications Department of
Sochi Marine Club
SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Races


Marketing Department of
Sochi Marine Club
SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Races


General Radio Partner

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